Writer For Hire

Writer For Hire

Have you met Gichele? If not, if could very well be time to do just that. Gichele is a freelance writer, web content developer, project manager and overall great person to work with. She can work with you to develop high-quality and creative content for your business. Gichele can even help plan and manage your social media campaigns.

Writing services include:

·      Blogging·

·      Social Media Management

·      Web Content Development

·      Marketing Plan Development

·      Presentation Content Writing

·      Ghostwriting

·      SEO Content Development

·      Project Management

·      Outsourcing

·      Project Planning

·      Email Marketing

·      Reputation Management








Gichele has worked on developing sales and marketing materials for over ten years. She has managed research from ideation through delivering findings. She also has an almost annoying attention to detail. She is more than a writer, she can help manage your teams and get projects underway by developing plans of actions for teams to follow.
Her experience working in the consumer packaged goods industry has provided her with a wealth of knowledge in connecting your costumers with your business.
Working with Gichele will go like this:
  1. Getting to know your business and goals are essential. Gichele will work with you to develop a plan to address your needs.
  2. A timeline will be set up based on the planned budget and milestones
  3. Customer service is especially important, working together means you will be in constant communication regarding your project

Want to know more? Just contact Gichele at gi@missedmycalling.com